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Body Countouring After Major Weight Loss

Congratulations, you have lost a  tremendous amount of weight!  You will live longer and with better health.  Unfortunately, now when you look in the mirror, there are adverse consequences of losing all that weight.  There are large flaps of skin in the torso, abdomen, neck, buttock, arms and inner thighs.  Dr. Raine specializes in plastic surgery for patients experiencing excessive skin and tissue due to major weight loss from post-bariatric (post lap-band) procedures, dieting, or pregnancy.

Whatever the reason leading to the condition, the undesired consequence is a significant amount of excess skin - an apron of skin hanging on the abdomen, bat-wings under the arms, sagging of the inner thighs, sagging buttock, drooping of breasts,  and possibly turkey gobbler under the chin.

The solution to completing your body makeover is to surgically lift and remove the excess tissue and completing the procedure with well-hidden scars.  Some of our patients may be considered "post-bariatric" patients and some may be considered "Mommy Makeovers."  Regardless of the category, the transformation is nothing short of astounding and gratifying for the patients.  The combination of procedures recommended by Dr. Raine varies according to the unique situation of each patient.  Some of the corrective procedures for major weight loss may include, but are not limited to:

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary consulation to discuss which procedure(s) will help you achieve your very best look.